Steps In Making Vintage Marquee Letters

Vintage marquee letters are cool items to have, especially if you are looking for something fun and bright. If you want to, you can actually make them yourself. Here are the simple steps that you can follow.

First, you need to prepare the materials for the project. Some of the materials that you will need are ply wood, Christmas lights, masking tape, glue gun, paint, sandpaper, primer, and corrugated cardboard, among others. Aside from these primary materials, you will also need a set of tools to make these vintage marquee letters. The tools include band, jig, and miter saws, drill, sander, and box cutters.

After preparing these items, you will have to decide on the font and the font sizes of the letters that you want. In this stage, you can choose from two options. First, you can draw each letter by yourself, if you know how to do so. Second, you can print out a letter using the fonts that are available in a word document and use it to trace the outline of the letter that you want to make. Cut each letter out afterwards.

After you have the outlines of each letter, you have to mark where you want the lights to be on the paper so that they will reflect the positions of the lights on the board. It will also be easier for you to pinpoint where these marks are and start drilling.

You should then trace the outlines of each letter to the plywood. With the use of a jigsaw, you should then cut the ply wood out. To cut the ply wood precisely, you should do the cutting in a slow and steady motion. For letters with holes at the center, you should drill an area of the hole and cut it with a saw. You should also drill holes for the lights, in accordance to the positions that you have planned with your paper outline. Exercise extra caution whenever you cut these vintage marquee letters in order to avoid injuries on your part and avoid unnecessary damages on the part of the wood.

Grab a piece of sandpaper and proceed to sand the surfaces as well as the edges of each letter after they have been cut. To avoid removing the wood grain, do not sand these areas too much. As much as possible, you also need to remove any kind of markings on the surface so that they will not appear.

With your paint, you can apply a few coats of your favorite color onto the surfaces of each letter. This will add an aesthetic effect to the items. Once they are all dry, you should then put each of the lights into the holes. You might want to tape them down with a masking tape so that they will stay in place. You can also use the masking tape to tuck in the extra string of lights.

Afterwards, cover the edges with cardboard with the use of a glue gun. You can also paint the cardboard afterwards for a cleaner look. Once the final product is finished, you can arrange each letters accordingly. Limelight letters in Sydney have a collection of big colour changing love letters for hire!