The tell-tale signs of a termite infestation

A termite inspection is one of the best ways in which the health and safety of a structure is being maintained as termites can possibly weaken the foundation and will be prove to be highly dangerous to the people who make use of the building in the long run. When termite Inspection Sydney has been called for a termite inspection, they will look for signs of the presence of termites and possibly the degree of damage they have already done. Here are three common signs that pest control teams will look out for during a termite inspection.

Mud Tubes

A mud tube is a sign in which termites have already began their infestation which can be a very big clue in a termite inspection. Mud tubes are tunnels in which termites create out of wood cellulose and soil and can be found crawling along parts of a building which will give them access to it. Termites create these mud tubes in order for them have a protection from the elements and predators. This is also a path which will lead them to and from the colony as the transportation of food is a duty worker termites do.

Wood Damage

Without a doubt, wood damage is already enough evidence for pest exterminator performing termite inspection to know that there are termites out and about. While external wood damage may be better appreciated as termites do a signature damage to wood, internal wood damage may be difficult to pin point unless if the wall is taken apart. However, exterminators know how much damage is taken internally by tapping on the walls and getting a specific sound will emanate from it which is helpful as it also tells apart termite damage from water damage.

The termite itself

The presence of a termite is already in itself a big help in a termite inspection as a termite will not randomly be found in a place all by its lonesome – it will eventually be a guide to the whole colony or to where their colony is currently gathering their resources from. Also known as white ants, termites are known not only for their whitish coloring but for also a few more signs. Unlike ants, termites have straight antennas and their bodies do not taper down to a slim waist line. Moreover, the termites that exterminators should watch out for are swarmers as these are termites are the mature breeding members of a colony who are set out to create their own. A swarmer is a winged termite whose wings are longer than their bodies and are of equal length.