The Basics Of Video Production

Lighting can make or break your production. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive camera under the sun that has the best functionality, all it does is record light so it is very important that you get the best lighting for you to end up with an amazing video.

You need three point lighting for you to get the best shots and to end up with a high quality video.

What you need are:

• Key lights

These are the lights that are predominantly used to film the main subject of your video. You need to make sure that the lights are functioning perfectly.

• Fill light

This light supports the key light by mirroring the key lights though at a lower intensity and as the name suggests, it fills in all the shadows that are created by the key lights.

• Backlights

These lights add an amazing depth to your overall shot and they are the lights that separate your video’s subject from the background. You should lace these lights behind the subject and should be focused to provide light only on the head and shoulders. The key light should be left to provide the main lighting for the subject.

These three are what will make your video production look really chic and professional, if done in the right way or look cheap and amateurish if done poorly. However, the setup of your lighting system will mainly depend on exactly what you want to accomplish.

For example if you are looking to have a video production that is quite dramatic, your key light should have a greater intensity when set alongside the fill light as this gives the perfect set up when you are looking for drama and great contrast.

But, if you are looking for a shot that is most flattering to your subject, you should use your key lights and the fill light at nearly the same intensity. This is going to bring out the best features of your subject.

You can also use a ring light which is perfect when making a beauty shot as it provides even lighting coming from the direction of the camera.

There is no denying that lighting is a very important part of video production and before you even set up, you should at least the three lighting systems in place for a professional finish that is going to make your final result that much more rewarding.

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