Car Key Cutting

The Importance Car Key Cutting in Sydney

If you are in the New South Wales area, most specifically Sydney, you probably have experienced hard situations during long drives that put wear and tear on your car key. If you notice that your keys are starting to wear down or be brittle, it’s better to prevent any mishaps from happening. It’s best to get a duplicate.

  • Normal Cars

Losing your lone key is not a pleasant experience. Whether you have misplaced it or you broke it from wear and tear, it’s recommended to keep a spare. In this case, having a car key cut is a must.

Getting another done for you is easy. All you need is your VIN or bring the key with you, and a similar piece can be reproduced easily. This is perfect for people who have never replaced their ignition or have not customised their vehicle at all.

  • GM Cars

If you have a GM vehicle, brace for more expensive replacements as they typically utilise VATs or anti-theft systems that will require multiple pieces to be used for a trial and error cracking.

  • Transponder Keys

Then there are the most typical types today—the transponder. It’s a keyless fob that needs to be near your car to work. To replace this, you need to have your entire key system reprogrammed so the computers would recognise the new fobs.

  • Laser Cut Keys

Finally, there’s the motherload of all keys and the hardest to work out—the laser cut. This is typically the part where you go back to your dealership and request them for a new set and wait for two weeks. Unfortunately, this is hard to reproduce because there are only a few businesses that have access to a laser cutter.

There are some businesses, though, that perform car key cutting. Preparation is important, so having extra keys is important for any person who wants to ensure their safety all the time.