The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are probably the most common problem issues that a homeowner will never miss to deal with. Unless you are a homeowner, then there is a chance you still did not encounter this kind of plumbing problem but I assure you, if you are not careful, or your housekeeper will not be careful, then you will surely do one of these days so might as well be guarded and check this article out. The reason why blocked drains are common is because there are so many factors that can cause them. Most of the time, you will not even realize that what you are doing is causing the blocked drains or you may not assume that such a simple carelessness can result to a big mess. Though blocked drains can be DIY and in fact plumbers are not usually summoned just for these simple plumbing issues, but still they can really put a halt so some of our daily errands.

As time is precious, the prevention of blocked drain occurrences just really lay in your hands. Now check out below what you might probably done that generates this problem:


– Without you knowing, trees and leaves can cause blockage to your water lines. So, it would be best to also regularly address them despite your busy schedule. Actually, not only trees and leaves but also the roots as they can sometimes generate cracks to your water pipes and can block the passage of water.

– Grease and fats can also cause the problems. If they are accidentally washed off from cooking utensils, they will be drained down and will stick in the sidings of the drains and in time they will accumulate until such time when they will completely block the passage of water. Grease and fats are actually the most common causes of blocked drains though they are the easiest to resolve either. So, you should take note of that.

– Falling hairs can also in time generate blocked drains in time and you will surely have a problem about this especially that this will obviously happen in your bathroom which is harder to solve being the drains are much deeper. So, better pay attention to this when you are bathing. Always make sure that the drain in your bathroom is with cover and pick the falling hairs after every bath.

– Foreign objects are also part of the reasons why blocked drains are generated. There are times when we just throw anything that is messing our bathroom to the toilet bowl like soap residues, debris of toilet papers, even feminine hygiene products. This should not be the case and that is why, you should have a trash can in your toilet or bathroom as these things should be directly thrown into the trash can.

Indeed though blocked drains might be easy to resolve, but not really all of them. If you don’t want to be bothered by problems like these, you can call a license plumber to deal with the blocked drains.