The Purpose Of Mobile Eftpos

The advent of technology has made it easier for each and every consumer to make various types of transaction and its main purpose is to promote convenience especially when making some purchases. One of the products of the modern advances in technology is the Mobile Eftpos. This is a convenient way to make a purchase of the items you need and want. There are three main types of terminals that can be seen in EFTPOS and these are fixed terminal, wireless terminal and mobile terminal. You need to carefully understand each of them so you will know how you can benefit from the mobile version.


When it comes to fixed terminal, you need to link the machine to its own phone and power outlet. It is the old fashion way of making a transaction using EFTPOS. This can usually be seen in most brick and mortar stores. These machines cannot be moved from one counter to another because it uses cables.  A wireless terminal uses mobile phone and a wireless modem. Although this machine is still connected using a power outlet and cable, it is no longer relying on dial-up connection. This type of EFTPOS terminal already uses broadband connection.

The most interesting type of EFTPOS terminal is the mobile terminal. It will continue to function so long as you have an access to a digital signal. It makes the transaction faster and easier and you do not have any cable to get this type of terminal to work.

Although most stores are still relying on the traditional type of EFTPOS terminals, you can be sure that the basic functions will not be set aside such as converting currencies, scanning loyalty cards, adding surcharges, accepting virtual payments, sharing one machine with various business and many others.

Aside from the terminals, you should also take note of the four types of merchant fees such as service provision fees, fixed fee, percentage charge and various fees. These fees are dependent on the kind of terminal you are going to use. When choosing the type of merchant fees, make sure you keep your needs in mind.

Mobile Eftpos is by far the most advantageous type of EFTPOS terminal to consider because it has plenty of great uses without the need for cable. It offers the most advanced functionalities so the transaction will be smooth and hassle free. Anyone who is running a business should give a try if you really want to maximize the transaction process and serve plenty of customers in the quickest way possible.