Timber Floor Sanding

4 Things to Remember Regarding Timber Floor Sanding

You’ll have many options to choose from when it comes to timber floor sanding. From the different types of sanders until the variety of finishes. It’s a task that will take a lot of your time. Hence, before starting this job, do these things first:

Get Professional Advice

You must never be too confident of doing this task yourself. If you have a friend who’s experienced in timber floor sanding, it would be a great idea to get advice from him. Besides, he won’t hesitate to teach you what you must do to get the best finish.

Rent the Right Machines

Since it’s a task you don’t accomplish often, it would be better to rent sanding machines. Of course, you must research which equipment you’ll need to sand your timber floors. The three machines you usually need are the edge sander, the drum sander and the vibrating sander. It’s important to get all three as each machine plays a key role in getting the most out of your floor.

Practice First

Before sanding the entire wooden floor, you must practice first on an area that’s often not visible. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you’ll feel confident of applying it to the entire timber flooring. If you do this, you’ll avoid damaging your floor before you even get started.

Wear Safety Equipment

Whilst sanding your timber floors, you’ll notice it will result in lots of dust scattered around the area. Unfortunately, you’ll get sick if you inhale the dust. Hence, it would be advisable to wear a breathable dustproof mask whilst doing this task.

There’s no doubt that you’ll save a lot of time when you hire experienced professionals. When you ask your friends for recommendations, most of them would mention The Floor Show. They’re a local company that offers a lot of timber solutions. For any enquiries, give them a call today.