Top Wedding Photo Ideas That Should Not Be Forgotten

The wedding day is a very special day for a couple. It is expected that there will be a lot of precious moments on that day. You want to make sure that every moment – candid or not – is captured by your wedding photographers.

What are the important wedding photos that should not be forgotten by your wedding photographers?

Photo #1

The wedding gown

Right before the bride wears her beautiful wedding gown, make sure that the photographer captures a moment where the bride is looking at her bridal gown, taking everything in and simply admiring how stunningly beautiful her gown is.

Photo #2

The bouquets

The flowers will surely last for a week or two, thus taking snapshots of the pretty arranged bouquets will surely a memory keeper. The bouquets can be captured while the bride and bridesmaid are holding them or in a still life photo.

Photo #3

Close-up shot of the wedding rings

Wedding rings should not be forgotten when taking photos especially that it’s the ultimate sign of the couple’s love for each other. When it comes to the photo of the wedding rings, make sure that it gets creative. Wedding photographers surely have lots of ideas when it comes to being creative with shooting wedding rings.

Photo #4

The bride with her bridesmaid

The bride’s bridesmaids are carefully chosen primarily by the bride herself and its just necessary to capture a photo of them. The happiness and excitement of all the bridesmaids should be captured. This is a nice way of keeping a memory where the bride can look at every now and then. It can remind her how happy the day was during her wedding day.

Photo #5

The groom with his groomsmen

Girls do not just have the time to have fun, guys do too! This is the time where wedding photographers can capture cool and relaxed moments from the groom and his groomsmen before tears fall down their manly eyes. The guys can get a bit goofy and play around, celebrating an upcoming new life for their guy friend.

Photo #6

The groom’s expression while his bride is walking down the aisle

This moment can be much unexpected. The groom can have all his smiles while waiting for his bride or he can get all teary-eyed with so much joy he feels while his bride is beautifully walking down the aisle. This moment can be very magical for both the couple and its worth to be captured.

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