Tree Removal Services

When Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

Tree removal is the process of cutting down woody plants. Their stumps are then completely removed to ensure that they won’t grow back. It’s done only be licenced professionals. This ensures proper methods are used to safely remove the woody plant.

tree removal

Why is it needed?

There are some types of trees that are simply not good to have around in public areas. This includes mulberry, Bradford pears, willows, mimosas, black locusts, box elders, and the tree of heavens. They are prone to damages, which poses a risk to passers-by.

Other factors of undesirable trees include:

  • Shallow roots – These can easily fell when wind conditions are strong.
  • Easily breakable branches – This poses a risk to both people and property.
  • Heavy debris shedding – This is especially true for those that bear heavy fruits.
  • Prone to diseases and pests – Trees that house dangerous bacteria and life forms are dangerous, especially in residential areas.

Apart from the species, the health of the plant is also considered. Diseased trees with more than 50% damage to the body need to be removed, as there is little chance that they will get better, even with the best care. Instead of waiting for the trees to naturally fall, the safest option is to cut it down.

The same goes for tree species that are dead or dying. Hollow trees are a perfect example, as disease, insects or bacteria has eaten most of their interiors. This is marked by:

  • Dead branches – If 25% or more of the branches are already dead, it’s a sign that it’s not viable for life.
  • Damaged trunk – A damaged trunk is a clear indication that the plant will not survive.
  • Lopsidedness – If the woody plant leans more to one side, it means that the roots are no longer strong or healthy enough to support the structure. In most cases, one side of the plant will also be dead or damaged.

Sometimes, trees are removed to let other plants thrive in your garden. Some species can take up more nutrition from the soil, leaving little food for other flora.

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