Types of Photo Booths

Gone were the days when the time it takes before you see a picture after it was captured is measured in hours or days. Today, with the advent of modern technology, you get to see the picture immediately after it was taken. You can even preview and select photos for printing before you actually print them thus giving you the best photo with the most premium of qualities.

Nowadays, you see photo booth hire in parties and events. Cheap Sydney photo booth hire not only add fun to the experience but also enable the participants to share the experience via social media through the digital copy of the images captured.

There are many types of photo booth hire to choose from:

Photo sticker booths. These are special types of booth that produces photo stickers which is more popular in Japan. Over time they have been adopted to various Asian countries as Vietnam, China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Space savers. These are small photo booth units that are best for spaces. They usually measure 6’x6’ and can house as much as 6 persons. Not only is this kind of photo booth perfect for small spaces, it also allows more control in the number of participants. Since the number of people that can participate in photo session is limited, this is good for business as it increases the revenue by dividing clients into multiple groups rather than allow them in one group.

Open air booths. These types of photo booth hire is ideal for more people. Although it requires much space, it is the most convenient as you can set up beautiful backgrounds for the booth. It can also accommodate a number of people at a time without much spatial constraints.

In choosing a photo booth hire, one must consider the quality of photo, the availability of background design, and other services offered. Photo quality are not measured in pixels. Some photo booths, however, have high pixels but shoots low qualities photos. In order to be assured of the quality, one needs to test the photos first or request for sample photos.

Furthermore, there are photo booths that print photos using water-soluble inks that fades over time or blots whenever it gets wet. These are low quality prints and must be avoided. High quality prints are those that uses special inks or toners that are fade proof (or lasts longs) and are not affected with water.

Lastly, selecting the best photo booth requires that its features and the services included with it are met with reasonable price.