Uses for signs

When a person drives to get to a certain location, there are different colored symbols with specific pictures on it which informs the driver of certain things that he or she is about to encounter. When a person visits establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, schools and even public offices, he or she will be greeted with big bold letterings that signify the name of the location, often paired with its signature logo. Indeed, signs are everywhere. Here are three main uses for signs and in what ways they can convey information that people need to know.



One of the most popular uses for retail signage is in the form of an advertisement. An advertisement is a way for a brand or a company to let other people know of the goods or services they offer. When a sign is used as an advertisement, this can come in various forms such as an A-sign, printed tarpaulin or even a fancy electronic sign which is backed up by using LED lights in which all of these can be made to be displayed outside the premises in order to attract the attention of interested buyers.


Identification is another known use of signs and it is predominantly used in establishments in order to let people know what the business or the venue’s name is and what sort of venture it is and this is important especially when people need to visit specific places in order to achieve certain goals like learning, relaxing or availing of goods or services as stated by the establishment just to name a few. Almost all types of businesses and institutions make use of signs from banks, shops, malls to beach resorts and parks. Signs that convey information are also used in order to let the general public know about certain announcements.


Informative signs are sometimes in the form of pictograms with bright coloring. These are often used in order to warn people of the potential hazard that might occur should they not be careful such as the “Wet Floor” sign, or let people know that there are traffic regulations they should take note of like a road sign and even a sign that reminds people to do be mindful of what they are doing prior to entering an area like the rooms that require people to follow safety procedures like the “Hard Hat Zone”. Often times, an informative sign helps in keeping and upholding safety in a specific area.