Video Production Overview: Learning the Specific Details

Essentially, when you speak about video production, it refers to the act of creating content as part of various entertainment services. The goal is to deliver a finished product of high quality moving images that tell a story. Anything that has to do with making television programs, advertisements, infomercials and event videos can be considered as part of the main entity called video production.

Various Production Types and Equipment Used

The size of production can vary from simple homemade movies to a full-blown movie production. Here are the different types of equipment used in a typical production.

•    Prosumer camera recorder for amateur family home videos
•    The Single-Camera Setup: This consists of a professional camera operator and one working video capturing gadget or device.
•    Having a videographer and one sound person can be considered a production already as well.
•    You can also have a multiple-camera setup with matching lighting equipment in a studio.
•    For larger productions, this requires a large truck with a crew to help produce the electronic field. This is useful especially if you are trying to shoot outside the studio or in the back lot with a working set.

The Importance of Camera Angles

Depending on the size of the production, you can also incorporate different camera angles to make the finished product even more worthy of being watched. Some of these camera angles are as follows:

•    The Dutch Angle as seen in The Mission Impossible Movies
•    Whip Pan Angle
•    Whip Zoom Angle

These Whip Pan and Zoom Angle refer to the sudden zooming in and out of the camera during poignant scenes in a movie. For example, during the fight scenes in Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 you can see that the leading actor’s face is constantly being focused especially after beating antagonists left and right. This is what you call a whip zoom angle. On the other hand, when the camera pans out to see the death and destruction of the sets as well as the various henchmen in the same movie, they employ the whip pan angle.

Camera angles definitely add artistic beauty to video production as a whole. This is why it is an important element that you should take note of as well. You can check promotional videos by Fish Media Solutions and learn more.