Water Leak Detection

Things Do Before Getting a Water Leak Detection Service

The difficulty of detecting leaks vary. It can be easy to spot a leakage when the unusual drippings are coming from the pipes or faucets. It is hard to find out when it is located on the underground pipes of a home. Good thing, there are water leak detection services you can avail. With their expertise, you can determine where’s the leak in your house. Here are the things you need to do before seeking their help:

Water Tanks

Check the pressure relief valve on the tank. These valves are directly installed in a pipe for controlling pressure. It may be leaking without your knowledge. If the drain pipe cannot be removed, check for the hissing sound. When you hear it, there may be a problem. Ask the professional for an inspection to prevent further damages in the piping system.

Inspect the Toilets

Remove the top of the tank and listen to the sounds it creates. If you are hearing a hissing sound, then you should ask to hire a plumber. For problems in your pipe and plumbing fixtures, you may call Astute Leak Detection for professional help.

Pay Attention to Showerheads, Faucets, or Garden Hoses

Check your showerheads, faucets, garden hose and other areas. If there is continuous dripping of water coming from these things, even though you’ve shut them off tightly, then there may be an issue on your pipes.

Look at the Meter

Close all running faucets and showers inside and outside the house. Go to your meter and check the pointer. If it still moves even though all valves are shut off, then there is a possible plumbing problem. If you feel that your water usage and meter calculation does not match, then contact a plumber to inspect for any issue. Qualified professionals know what to do with any leaking issues. Thus, make sure to hire them if you suspect leaks in your home.

Visit the website of Astute Leak Detection or call them for their water leak detection services. Their friendly agents respond to your calls promptly.