ood Labels

Other Ways to Utilise Food Labels

On one side, food labels help your consumers know more about the nutritional value of your product. On the other, it helps the customer identify the products and market the brand by showing your logo and other promotional details. However, these markers aren’t limited to these two functions. Here are ideas on how you can fully utilise labels:

Participate in Civic Endeavours

Remember those missing person notices on milk cartons? Dairy companies utilised their platform to crowdsource information from its customers. If you are into participating in civic service such as this, you can use labels to help. Other possible topics to tackle are public reminders relating to everyday lives of your target market.

Advocating for Good Causes

Products are distributed nationwide, which makes it visible to a wider audience. You can utilise food labels to uphold movements such as taking care of the environment.  One way to do this is to inform consumers on how to properly dispose or recycle wrappers, boxes and bottles. Nature-related information can also help raise awareness.

Giving Health Advise

Food, being a vital key to nourishment, its packaging can also help educate people on how to improve their diet. You can include trivia about health and wellness related to your product. Proper hygiene and good eating habits are also good matters to discuss. This not only helps you market your brand but also helps people remember it positively.

Providing Cooking Tips

You cannot talk about food without thinking about cooking. Including recipes on food labels encourage people with a penchant for cooking to incorporate the product into their cooking. When combined with giving health advice and marketing strategies, this can draw health-conscious individuals to your product.

Ditch the boring and conventional design of food labels, by coming up with creative ideas to utilise them. Not only does it give the brand a good reputation, but also creates a positive impact on the lives of its consumers and their communities. Hesitate no more and get in touch with us for more tips on how to make your labels more worthwhile.