Ecommerce websites have shallow content, and lot of content is repeated across different products of the catalog. These make the websites rank poorly in Google search results. But, nevertheless, there are a few techniques that will achieve Google optimisation for you.

First up, remember that with panda update of the Google algorithm, one good webpage on otherwise not so good a website will not help you get a good rank. You have to try and have consistent good quality across the website and not try to create just a few pages that are targeted towards the search engine.

A simple way to get unique content of decent quality is to allow your users to generate content for you. Encourage them to post reviews and videos on relevant product page. The other benefit is the user will use the kind of terms that the people to search for the product will use to search – resulting in even more hits in the search results and a higher rank.

Another important thing that designers forget while building an ecommerce site is to focus on the products that get the big bucks. If you were a physical store, only a selected few of all the products you have will be kept at the storefront. Google optimisation for the site works much the same way – focus on the products that are searched the most, and see the result for those products go up, rather than try to be top result in all possible keywords.

Also remember that results that are for someone who is about to buy a product is better than a result for someone who is researching it. So, an ecommerce site that comes high when searching for “cameras” may not have the visitor turning into a purchaser as many times as the one that is high on long-tail terms like “Cannon EOS” or “Nikon D500”.

Most of the websites tend to ignore the latest tools that Google Adwords gives you. This could be because the SEO hired for Google optimisation hasn’t been on the cutting edge before and is reluctant to put in the effort to learn a new tool. Nevertheless, be an early adopter and see the search results and targeting of your paid links become more productive.

It is also important to work on all kinds of content and not just text. Images and videos on your website will go a long way to improve your ranking. It may end up being the key to beating more established players who already have a huge content.

With these simple tricks, your ecommerce website is sure to see many more visitors from Google searches.