Wedding photography

 Wedding photography is the photography of a wedding. This might comprise all the preparation which is being done, the reception, and photography of the after events. This used to be quite simple with bride groom and the family being the subject of focus a few years ago. However, it has evolved in to a huge science, and with the access of digital cameras in our hands, many new techniques are offered now where the photographer can improvise his photography.  In addition to this, the competition has also increased; suffice to say it has become a status symbol as to how you are getting photographed on your wedding.

The jest of this kind of photography used to revolve around keeping a good share of memories in hard copies. But this has changed with us evolving in to this contemporary era. Going in to the details, it has a lot to do with the camera types which are now offered. During the eighties, the photographers used to play around light with minimal lenses and basically it all depended on how you articulated the light in your snap shots, be it wedding photography or any other. But with companies like Carl Zeiss, who have completely changed the meaning of lenses for us, and companies like Sony, several such results which were difficult to obtain earlier are now in the palm of our hand, waiting for us to click. At the same time, it is to be noted that post production has a major role in this field as well.


Wedding photography is not only an art but has also developed its own niche’. There are photographers who are famous for carrying their own work in a modern and heart-touching way. It is quite obvious that this event is very emotional for both bride and the bride’s family. What many earlier photographers failed to capture and notice is the involvement of emotional gestures in their photography. Their focus used to be on capturing the event on the whole. But these days, independent photographs of bride and groom are also a must during the event and even before the event at times, during a pre-wedding shoot.

There are many senior photographers, who these days arrange for courses specifically for the wedding photographers. Since the focus is not once person, or a dress but a whole lot and at the same time on individual levels as well. The wedding photography courses normally involve on what your focus should be, the sort of camera lenses you should use, how to handle light and post production. As mentioned earlier, post production plays a vital role in the photography. As cheesy as it may sound, every bride wants to look pretty on her special day, and not just this, she wants these memories to always be with her through-out her life.

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