What are Ciba Vision contact lenses?

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are those medical eye devices that can be worn in the cornea of the eyes. Ciba Vision Contact Lenses helps to correct errors like refractive and perform function like the eye glasses. It can add or either subtract power in order to focus on cornea of the eyes. Like any other contact lenses, ciba vision contact lenses provides the easiest and safest way of correcting vision especially if it is used with proper care and supervision. If you have problems with your vision and you do not like to use eye glasses then contact lenses can be used as an alternative. It just depend on your lifestyle whether you like contact lenses more than eye glasses. Did you know that there are over 24 million people that are using contact lenses in the United States now. For a particular condition, ciba vision contact lenses can be used as a medically necessary thing to use.

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Like the eye glasses, contact lenses can correct myopia or the nearsightedness, the hyperopia or farsightedness, the astigmatism or distorted vision and even presbyopia which means there is need for bifocals.

If you plan to use contact lenses, especially ciba vision contact lenses, then you need to go to professionals like optometrist. Choose the best optometrist that can help you maintain and cure your eye sight if ever you have any diseases using contact lenses. Choose the professional optometrist which is already reputable, experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you.

Even though you have decided to wear contact lenses, you must have at least a pair of eye glasses with you as a back up in case your contact lenses get lost, damage or is not properly working.

If it is your first time to get associated with contact lenses then let us discuss the different types of contact lenses.
There are different types of contact lenses. Different contact lenses differ on its function. You can ask your optometrist to help you decide what type of lens is suitable for you.

1. Soft lenses. These are also called the soft contact lenses. This is mostly prescribed as this is made mostly with water content which makes it become soft, flexible and which allows oxygen in reaching the cornea of your eyes.

2. Gas permeable contact lenses. These are lenses which is commonly called RGPs. These are the hardest type of contact lenses. These are mostly made with fluoropolymers and silicone which makes easy for the oxygen to directly go through or pass through the cornea of the eyes.