What is Core Drilling?

To be able to describe Core Drilling, let this article describe what a Core Drill is.

A Core Drill specifically is a powerful tool designed to take out a portion of the material, just like how a hole saw would do. It is referred to as such for the reason being that it leaves a portion of material (called the core) inside the cylindrical bit of the drill. Such drills were designed for a specific purpose; more often Core Drilling is used in the construction industry.

Core Drilling is not an easy task nor job, reason you hire an expert to perform the job. It is not an experience and knowledge that someone gets or acquires overnight. The person who operates core drills are given training and should have enough knowledge to even be considered for the job.

Steps to achieve perfect Core Drilling:

• Water – Core Drilling is not just a simple drilling task; the operator must know the how each of the parts works, how a core drill and core bit work, how important is the water hose and anchor. You are to drill a core, it is but important that you know or the operator know how important water is during the process. Not putting water is never a good idea since there will be no slurry effect from concrete and dust, nothing to cool down the core bit; and so does putting too much water, as it washes all the slurry effect formed by the dust and concrete, leaving nothing to expose the diamonds on the bit that carves and cut those concrete. It had been proven that water should be applied for that perfect slurry effect to get that most effective drilling service.

• Anchoring – Core Drilling will be useless if not done straight. Reason anchoring is important in rigging or drilling. With this, you would need physical anchors that are rated for such purpose, with proper techniques and tools you are to get the right results.

• Speed – Core Drilling requires knowledge to operate the rigger. The right speed is needed to achieve that perfect grinding over those platforms. Continuous reading and monitoring shall play a big role in rigging.

• Power – Power needs to be monitored and moderated to achieve perfect drilling. The knowledge to read meters attached is needed to maintain proper speed to ensure that the motor is running in optimum level, not maxing out the power of the motor which could lead to overheating and damaging.