What to Do with Your Sliding Glass Door Issues

Sliding doors are durable. But just like any other parts of the house, issues and possible breakage may happen, thus when you encounter any issues, following the step-by-step procedure below is necessary:

Step 1 – If the glass was broken or shattered, evacuate the entire area.

Make sure that everyone is away from the door as the pieces of broken glass can cause wound or injury to people. For the time being, avoid using the door as sliding it often may cause more damage. Use a different door entering and exiting the vicinity.

Step 2 – Assess the problem

  • Check the issue. Is it shattered glass? Is it the slider guide? Is it the security feature? Is it stuck up? Do the assessment yourself and identify whether;
  • The issue is covered by the warranty – If so, contact the installer right away and inform them the issue.
  • Can you fix it? – There are some sliding glass door repairs that are simple in structure, thus fixing it yourself is possible. For example, if it’s stuck, you can use a petroleum-based lubricant like grease.
  • Do you need professional help? If so take step three.

Step 3 – Call a sliding glass door repairs service immediately

If the damage is complicated, getting a professional help is needed. Fixing it yourself may lead to more damages. When you call them, make sure that you provided them all the information they need to assess the issue, bring all tools necessary for them to fix the sliding glass door and delegate the right people to work on the repairs.

You may want to get quotation first of how much would it possibly cost you. You can compare prices from one sliding glass door repairs provider to another and see who can give you a better deal.  Having sliding doors can be a convenience to any household. But be prepared to fix it when issues surface by repairing it yourself or hiring professionals such as KNA Security sliding window repairs so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.