Why You Should Wear Hearing Aids

Are you suffering hearing loss? People who are working in a noisy environment are more prone in suffering hearing loss. Our ear can only take up to 85 decibels of noise or else it can damage the ear.

You can wear ear protection to prevent it, but of course you should wear it properly because being careless when it comes in wearing ear protection because it can still damage your ear.

How do you know if you are already suffering from a hearing loss? Are you having a hard time in hearing conversation? Have you noticed noise reduction hours after your work? Hearing something on your ear that rings? Often miss doorbell and telephone ring? Consult a doctor you might suffer a hearing loss.

Industrial hearing loss has no medical procedure, but there another way for you to be able to hear again, you can wear hearing aids. Although hearing aids will not be clear as the regular hear, but still it can help you to hear again.

There are clinics in Australia that offers free consultation and provides a premium level of hearing aids for workers.

Using hearing aids need time and patience; you will need to adjust to different listening situation every day. IT is important to know that some people are moving at a slower pace and some are in a faster pace. Just go with where you are comfortable.

On the 1st week wear your hearing aid 2-5 hours a day, stay with your comfort level when you are at home. Watch TV and listen to the sounds around your house, it may help you in adjusting the hearing volume you are comfortable with.

For the 2nd week you can now use your hearing aid for 5-8 hours, longer than before. You can now go outside and listen to the sounds it will train your brain to recognize useful sounds from the outside.

On week 3 you can use your hearing aid for 8-10 hours a day, because you are now more comfortable in using it and feel more confident in doing outside activities.

In week 4 you can now use your hearing aid for 10 hours or more, but still always practice wearing your hearing aid in a quiet and simple place like your home then wear it when you know it is needed.

Wearing hearing aids may not be the same as the normal hearing, but it can help you to hear again rather than hearing nothing. Consult a doctor, you can register online and apply for a free hearing test. There are 35 clinics around NSW that provides hearing tests online for workers.